Principles that create a caring remote workplace

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10 March 2020


At Ebury, we understand that the last few weeks have been an incredibly stressful, difficult and uncertain period for many. As a result, we are encouraging all our employees to look after themselves, fellow colleagues, clients and communities.

his week, we put in place the following global principles to maintain a kind and considerate Ebury environment:


– Maintain human contact through video-chat Hangouts (and keep the video on)
– Be polite if using email or IM, don’t be rude or use inappropriate
language (read our post about best practices for using Instant Messaging tools for more advice on this topic)
– Think about the choice of words and tone of your message
– Stay connected to Ebury by reading the daily blog posts


– Treat others how you would like to be treated
– Reply to people promptly (it’s okay to give a holding statement e.g. you
can get something done by the end of the week)
– Deliver on the deadlines you commit to, or update the recipient if
priorities need to change


– Understand each other’s roles, responsibilities, workload and challenges
– Show empathy when things don’t go exactly how you’d like
– Be patient when responses aren’t immediate or further information is
needed before reaching a decision

Appreciation & Recognition

– Understand that we are all going through an uncertain period and we are
all trying our best
– Show appreciation and give recognition when people go the extra mile
– A simple ‘thank-you’ can go a long way


– Offer support to colleagues across offices and departments
– Encourage your team members to take a break if they need to
– Go the extra mile for people, they will likely do the same for you
– We are one team with one dream, let’s work together to achieve our goals
and targets


– Continue to look after your physical and mental health
– Aim to do some form of daily exercise (e.g. home workouts, regular
– Maintain a work routine, find a place to work that’s not your bed, and
change out of your pyjamas in the morning
– Follow a healthy/nutritious diet
– Maintain social interaction (e.g. download the ‘House Party’ app,
participate in the remote Ebury events e.g. virtual drinks)
– Take breaks and switch off during the weekend