Ebury ranked Bloomberg’s sixth most accurate EUR/USD forecaster in Q3 2018

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5 October 2018


We are delighted to have been ranked among the top forecasters again in Bloomberg’s FX forecast accuracy rankings for the third quarter of 2018.

bury ranked at the top of a number of key G10 and emerging market currencies, including the New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen and Polish Zloty.

Further, we are the sixth most accurate forecaster in the critical EUR/USD cross. This is a very competitive forecast with almost 70 forecasters, including all of the world’s major commercial and investment banks.

Ebury’s analysts (below), led by Chief Risk Officer Enrique Díaz-Alvarez, were ranked among the top forecasters for the following nine currency pairs:

Bloomberg FX Forecast Accuracy Rankings Q3 2018

EUR/USD #6, EUR/JPY #7, NZD/USD #7, USD/DKK #2, USD/PLN #3, USD/RON #2, USD/MYR #2, USD/SGD #6, USD/COP #2, Interested in how our currency expertise can benefit your business?

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