Race for life event at Hyde Park, London

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28 July 2017


Every year, people of all different backgrounds gather at Hyde Park to participate in Race for Life, organised by the Cancer Research UK. This year, Ebury has been involved too.

ancer Research is one of the biggest UK based charities focusing on finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat various types of the disease. In the previous year the charity supported research worth £386 million in its 90 institutions across 40 cities in the UK.

The Race for Life is a women-only fundraising event that brings together a variety of people to help the cause. As anyone from any age or ability is able to participate, you can choose to run, walk or jog it. The idea behind it is that you set yourself a goal, whether it is to raise a certain amount of money or to increase awareness about the disease, whilst your family, friends and colleagues will sponsor you in achieving it.

Ebury’s Sara and Anca from the Finance department have been among the enthusiasts, although with slightly different motivations. Sara comes from a family that always had a strong belief of giving back and helping the less fortunate, participating in fundraising and voluntary work since her childhood. As she says “it’s something that I feel gives me some sense of purpose, the fact that I could be helping other people that need the money so much more than me.” She has also had some members of her family affected by breast cancer, and, she’s really glad that there are such organisations that are looking for ways to combat the disease. On the other hand, for Anca, this was her first time participating in a fundraising event. For her, it was the chance to support an important cause as a close family friend is currently suffering with the illness.

On the day, the Ebury team had a chance to meet many wonderful women racing alongside them. Each and every participant was given a paper, in which they would outline their motivations and reasoning behind their participation. They were then able to pin this to back of their T-shirt for everyone to see. According to Anca and Sara, the most touching story was of, “a woman that survived cancer twice and was actually running the 5km hand in hand with her daughter”.

The ‘Pink Army’ participants were very pleased with the event as well as with the funds raised. Sara and Anca were both impressed by the generosity of Ebury employees and the Company expressed when they announced their participation in the event. Ebury has decided to support this cause by matching the funds raised. Moreover, following this year’s success, they are really keen to take part in the event again, and this time encourage even more Eburians to join them.

To find out more about Ebury foundation please click here.