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20 December 2016


December 2016 has been one of our busiest and most exciting months in terms of business expansion. We have opened two new corporate offices, one in Paris, France, the other in Hamburg, Germany.

oth our French and German teams previously formed an integral part of our Amsterdam office. However, opening new offices in Paris and Hamburg provides a variety of benefits such as the ability to build personal client relationships and most importantly almost unlimited opportunity for growth in the domestic markets.

In fact, over the course of the first few days in the new offices, our French and German teams have supported a higher number of domestic businesses and helped them manage their international payments with a significant impact on the business.

Our French office opened on 5 December and is based in northern Paris, just minutes from Gare du Nord, with exceptional connections to London, Amsterdam and Hamburg. The team vibe is great as the team is highly motivated and enthusiastic about opportunities ahead.

The German office opened on 12 December and is located in the heart of Hamburg, in an area dedicated to businesses. The Central station is only 15 minutes away, with great international links., The opportunity to be present in France and Germany will help build client relationships and facilitate an environment of trust and safety. Our teams are excited to meet you in person at our offices!

As we expand we also continuously recruit new employees. For current vacancies in one of our seven European locations please click here.

You can find our addresses and contact details below:

65 Rue d’hauteville
750 10

33 (0) 1 70 99 32 42

Neuer Wall 63
203 54

49 (0) 406 386 300 03