Ebury is the most accurate currency forecaster for BRL, ZAR and GHS Q4 2016

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6 January 2017


We’re delighted to have ranked highly in Bloomberg’s FX forecast accuracy rankings for Q4 2016 following our success in Q3 2016, repeatedly securing the top spot for key emerging market currencies.

he fact that we ranked first for the Brazilian Real (BRL), South African Rand (ZAR) and Ghanaian Cedi (GHS), in particular, reflects our dedication to helping businesses thrive in both developed and emerging markets and understand the factors driving volatility in their currency pairs. We use this currency insight to tailor risk management strategies and proactively inform clients about market moves. For more information about our Q3 2016 ranking please click here.

‘Q4’2016 FX forecasters are ranked based on three criteria: margin of error, timing (for identical forecasts, earlier ones received more credit) and directional accuracy (whether the movements with the currency’s overall direction).’
– Wei Lu, Bloomberg

Bloomberg FX Forecast Accuracy Ranking – LatAm Q4’2016

Bloomberg FX Forecast Accuracy Ranking – Africa Q4’2016


Bloomberg FX Forecast Accuracy Ranking – Emerging Asia Q4’2016


Bloomberg FX Forecast Accuracy Ranking – Europe Q4’2016

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