Ebury has switched to a remote first organisation in response to the coronavirus outbreak

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20 March 2020


In order to preserve the security of its employees and continue to provide high quality financial services to its customers, all of Ebury’s offices and operations have moved to remote working.

s a cloud first organisation Ebury has always been very well placed to operate wherever it needs to be. This has been fundamental to supporting rapid growth over the last 10 years. Now it is able to utilise this core capability in order to continue to deliver all services at this critical time to help protect the health of our employees and their families and do its part in delaying the spread of the virus.

This way of working had already been tested successfully by the company in their Hong Kong, Singapore and Milan offices meaning Ebury is confident it will continue to offer its full service and suite of products to all clients all around the world.

Ebury has its own technological development center in Malaga, responsible for supporting the 25 business units that Ebury has installed in 20 countries. This capacity allows its 1,000 employees worldwide to offer identical service standards to a client portfolio that today amounts to 45,000 companies worldwide.

Ebury considers that, in the current market situation and in view of the fact that volatility will continue for the next few weeks at least, it will be more necessary than ever that companies can make their international payments, collections and manage their foreign exchange risk simply and efficiently.