Key insights from our latest G4 analysis

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez02/Ιούν/2016Currency Updates

New analysis across the US Dollar, Euro, Sterling and Yen.

Key insights:

FOMC communications turn hawkish

The minutes from the April meeting, published in May, explicitly warned markets that a June hike was a distinct possibility. As rate markets scrambled to price in Federal Reserve hawkishness, the Dollar rallied against all major currencies.

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Possibility of further monetary easing puts pressure on Euro

Mario Draghi’s so-called ‘bazooka’ of stimulus measures appears to have had little effect on price growth in the Euro-area. We think that the ECB is capable of introducing additional easing measures if inflation in the Eurozone fails to show meaningful improvement in the coming months.

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Brexit remains biggest worry for UK businesses

Uncertainty surrounding a possible Brexit has begun to filter its way through to domestic economic performance, with the UK economy suffering from a noticeable slowdown since the beginning of the year. Future Sterling movements will likely depend on the outcome of this month’s EU referendum.

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Yen’s strength defies Japan’s economic fundamentals

The Japanese economy has shown zero growth over the past two quarters – the worst performance among G10 economies. However, we adjust our Yen forecasts to reflect the currency’s recent unexpected strength.

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Written by Enrique Díaz-Álvarez

Chief Risk Officer at Ebury. Committed to mitigating FX risk through tailored strategies, detailed market insight, and FXFC forecasting for Bloomberg.